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22191+5607 - ABH164AL Constellation : Cep AD 22h18min58.65sec / Dec +56°07min23.5sec
Components Primary Secondary WDS data WDS Notes
Magnitudes 10.20 15.00 Negleted : non NNotes found in WDSNOT MEMO of WDS.,UProper motion or other technique indicates that this pair is non-physical.
Proper Motion RA -009 -048 Precise coordinates : oui
Mouvement propre Dec -002 +019 Spectre : O8V
Nb of observations : 4 Angle Separation Cross references (wds id) *I* | *P*
First measure : 1987 354 63.100
Last measure  : 2015 353.30 62.787
Measurement history (InformationThis historical is indicative. It is incomplete and may contain errors. It is built as and when updates to WDSTOOL and does not take into account any subsequent modifications to WDS.)
2003 353.10 62.796

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